Why Paperback Books are Better

I get it. Hardcover books look great on the bookshelf. Their shiny dust jackets and towering spines lend a regal quality to a collection of books. They look great in photos and make the owner feel important in some way, as if a part of some exclusive group of book lovers.

But take one of those books off the shelf and flip through it. Start reading it. Cradle it in your lap and hold it above your head. Fold the cover back to get a closer look at the words. Pin the cover back with your fingertips to hold your place as you’re lying in bed at night, struggling to finish reading the final chapter through one half-lidded, tired eye. Carry one around in your bag at all times so that you’ll never be caught without something to read.

Not so easy, right?

Now take up the paperback. Bend it, fold it, and hold it open above your head as you futilely attempt to find a comfortable reading position in which you can stay for more than five minutes at a time. Pin the edges back with your fingertips, holding your place as you fumble onto the table beside you for your coffee cup without taking your eyes from the page, because this part is SO GOOD.

Definitely easier with the paperback.

If you’re the lying-down type of reader, you know the constant state of terror that you’ll drift off to sleep and lose the grip on your hardcover book, this made ever more terrifying if you’re holding the book aloft. You DO NOT want that beast of a novel cracking your nose. Drop a paperback and there’s less damage. It still hurts, sure, but a red spot on your cheek beats a black eye any day.

Paperbacks are cheaper, too. This is a huge benefit for book nerds with shallow pockets, and those who prefer to own copies of all of their favorite (and potentially favorite) books.

Paperbacks are lighter, meaning that more of them can be stuffed into your favorite beach tote, making it easier to heft and carry across the sand. You’re probably less persnickety about your paperback books, too, aren’t you? Getting a bit of sand in the spine of your beach read is less of a freak out moment than if you had brought along your expensive, clothbound copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (which also deserves a spot on any book lover’s shelf. There’s no doubt about that!).

There are infinite reasons why paperbacks are better. How many can you think up?

Don’t be afraid to build an amazing paperback library! They’re more portable, less restrictive, and more conducive to reading at a moment’s notice.

Are you ready to build your paperback bookshelf? Join in on the Paperback Bookshelf experience to receive a new paperback book, a warm beverage, a snack, and a handmade scented item, plus a bonus item each month, because there’s no such thing as too many books.

There's no such thing as too many books.
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