Creativity is Important

Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.

Jack Kerouac

Creativity. We either nurture it or we don’t; chase it or let it flag. As an ever-changing force, it’s seemingly unharnessable.

But there are those times when we catch a fleeting glimpse and are able–just barely–to grab onto the tail end of the floater in our vision. We’ve finally harnessed creativity and now we can set it free again, but this time it will be mingled with something else, something intangible. A sense of ourselves–our feelings, thoughts, actions, and emotions–are now bound into this zapping ball of energy. We cradle it in our hands, afraid to be less than gentle with it. We stare at it and wonder what we can do to keep it alive, to continue to see it grow and thrive as it does just now when it’s fresh.

We begin to mold it, push it forward and pull it back. We toss it into the air and marvel at the way it looks as it falls back into our hands again. The way the colors swirl and mingle, the change that is present because of our influence on it; quite unlike anything else. Even when the underlying idea seems the same, the vessel or presentation seems the same, there’s always a mark of ourselves int he project that makes it just as (and maybe even more) unique as the next churning ball of energy.

Creativity is important not only because it helps us create things and express ourselves to the world in a way that makes sense to the deepest parts of ourselves, but because it keeps us grounded and focused on the daily life and our own human-ness. Without creativity, the swirling ball of energy becomes no more than a toughened and half-flattened ball of gray matter.

Creative endeavors keep us motivated; always looking toward the finished product and the next exciting project. Allowing creativity to frolic is as important as breathing, because the creative mind is an open mind and an open mind is capable of forming multiple conclusions; capable of figuring out more than one way to solve a problem.

Creativity keeps us true to ourselves, honest in our humanity so that we may remain open to the world and the opportunities afforded us as they come our way. Creativity keeps us individual, and this grows more important every day.

Stay individual. Stay creative.

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