Favorite Coffee Roasts

“Humanity runs on coffee.”


Coffee is an acquired taste and everyone likes it to taste differently. Some prefer it light and weak, and others prefer the darker, more pronounced flavors of a roast. Flavor preference can be a mood thing, or it can be dependent upon what time of day it is. If you’ve had a particularly long day, which coffee roast do you enjoy more? Which roast really revs you up for the weekend? Do you enjoy more robust coffee in the morning than in the afternoon, for example?

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image credit: pixabay

I am fascinated by the coffee roasting process and would love to delve into test-roasting my own beans soon. I think it would be a fantastic field trip to see the inner workings of a roastery–to see all the nuances of choosing beans, and how to tell when they’re roasted the way that you want them. It’s all such a marvel!

I received a small bag of green coffee beans and a popcorn popper as a beginner roaster for a gift many months back, but I haven’t yet had the time to play around with it. If you’ve used a popcorn popper to roast beans before, let me know how your experience played out. Any tips to share with this newbie?

What are your favorite coffee roasts? Do you prefer dark and sultry or light? What are your best resources for learning the craft of roasting?

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