What’s Your Inspiration?

What inspires you? From where do you draw your inspiration? Do you, like me, get stopped short by unexpected glints of green in a monochromatic background? Are you naturally drawn to certain shapes or patterns? Maybe idyllic landscapes inspire you, or cute pictures of puppies. What is it that makes you do a double take or slow your brisk stroll to take in the scenery around you?

image of fall landscape; fallen leaves covering a broad set of stairs near a brick wall
Photo from Pixabay, used under a Creative Commons license.

Do you know? Have you ever stopped to think about the things that inspire you? If you haven’t, you definitely should. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that draw our eye, and we deserve to give credence to those things—whether they are thoughts, emotions, or something tangible. It is important to know what inspires you. Why? Because during those times of uninspired monotony (and face it, we all go through those times – no matter what our creative tilt is) that your acknowledgment of what inspires you can help pull you from the grey muck.

So, here’s your task: Go forth and PAY ATTENTION. Take a moment to stop and admire the way the clouds stick to the too-blue sky or how the tiny yellow flower has persevered by pushing its way through the cracking asphalt. Take a picture. Stare. Write a poem. Whatever it is that gets your inspirational and creative juices flowing, DO THAT. This is me giving you permission to slow down and smell the roses. (Just don’t pet the cactus, okay? It doesn’t like that.)


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