Featured in Paperback Bookshelf: The Princess Bride by William Goldman

You may not believe this, but I lived a great portion of my life not knowing that The Princess Bride was a book. I know, I know. It’s ridiculous that I never knew it existed until I ran across a beaten up old copy found in the bottom of a box of old books. I grew up watching the movie and reciting some of my favorite parts, forever holding the story near and dear, never knowing what I was missing by not owning a copy of the book.

So, the fact that I had dearly loved the iconic movie headed up my decision to include this book as one of our Paperback Bookshelf features. This story belongs on the bookshelf. Read it aloud for a fun-filled experience!

Unboxing shot of the April Papperback Bookshelf featuring The Princess Bride. Photo by @booksnbeachgal on IG
Unboxing shot from @booksnbeachgal of the box featuring The Princess Bride

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